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You must be aware of what an Ecommerce website is, by now. It is a sure way for you to expand your traditional company or industry to the online platform and use the internet as a means of reaching out to a wider group of consumers around the world.

Keeping that in mind, it is of utmost importance that your ecommerce website appeals to the common audience; it must be interactive and attractive enough in order to encourage customers and online shoppers to commit to a purchase. In some ways, people may even regard this as a kind of artform; designing a website is as important as decorating the interiors of your physical store.

To meet this end, you should definitely hire a professional and experienced ecommerce website design & development company that are well versed in what they do. We, at Websoft Consultancy are devoted towards the creation of the most attractive ecommerce websites to people all over the world.

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What distinguishes our company from others in the same business are:

Why Choose Websoft Consultancy as E Commerce Website Design Company?

Our main goal at Websoft Consultancy is to boost the brand name of our client’s company. By doing this, we strive towards ensuring that their business is taken to the next level through our services. Firstly, we provide free consultation services to further introduce you, our client, to our vast range of services pertaining to web design, web development, digital marketing, and most importantly, our role as an ecommerce website development company.

In addition to this, our top quality services are designed in such a way that normal, lowkey businesses get an opportunity to reach the bigger, global market. A localized business can turn into a brand, attaining a brand image, and at the same time, find its place in the global platform through our strategies for development, designing, marketing, and so on.

Features Included in E Commerce Website Development

An e-commerce website is essentially for running a business which is online. However, it is equally important to have one with all the important features which would assure success. A good –commerce website would always all the means and more for the customer and the merchant to get involved in a fruitful transaction. Here are top features for an e-commerce website which one should look out for always 

E Commerce Features

? Shopping cart, this is an integral part of the any e-commerce store, the shopping cart. This is where the e and consumers store the products in order to continue with the process of checkout. A flexible cart usually allows both the guest user and to checkout. Whereas the guest checkout does not mean always which does not require the user to sign up on the particular website and hence aiding them in making the whole process faster?  The answer would be yes.

? Payment gateway integrations, A successful e-commerce website gives us  an option of integrating with the diverse gateways of payment by not at all limiting the choices to a selected few.

? A wholesome management of order panel usually simplifies the task of the merchants and makes the work easier and the merchants can get the detailed pieces of information related to the buyer. Cancellations/refunds/ Cod and the order verification or order exchange and also the status of the order update and more.

? Security, this is one of the most important features. It ensures that no crucial data such as the information related to credit card is always saved.

Scalable infrastructure, it should help in getting more traffic and that is usually scaled so that traffic is achieved. A higher latency usually results in dropping in the rates of transactions and that would result in the drop of marketing dollars. CDN should be used to improve the performances and managing all the products online. It also improves uptime, excellently.

? Compatibility with mobiles,. Great websites of e-commerce usually offer a few types of solutions for the compatibility of the mobile. First ensures that the mobile view is responsive enough and properly accommodated according to the kind of device it is. The WAP is mobile specific template which usually optimizes the website in the size and usually generates the loading time which is less.

? Reports, these reports should be available as the exports. It consists of the detailed information regarding the offers. The websites should usually be pre-integrated with the marketing tools.

? Content management systems, website content are managed such as logo, banner and the links of the footer.

? Logistics integration, this allows seamless shipping. They allow the shipments to be managed for the same panel, instead of approaching the courier partners separately.

E Commerce Designing at Websoft Consultancy

If you do decide to avail of our services, especially pertaining to our E Commerce Website Designing and Development service, listed below are some of the features that come along with this particular service. It must be kept in mind that all of these are available at an exceptionally affordable price

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