Motor Training Driving School Management Software System

Motor Training Driving School Management Software System

Driving school management software

Motor Training Driving School Management Software System

Motor Training Driving School Management Software System

The System is a Web Based Application made with asp.net technology which helps the motor training & driving school to automate the typical manual work of maintaining clients, Staffs, tutors, Licenceing data store in server securely. By Client Server technology the admin of the motor driving school can easily track the record from any where in the world. To operate the software the admin just need a PC and an Internet Connection. The Admin can easily Register, Edit & View the Users, clients, New Courses, New Admissions, Apply For Licence & track the status of of those particulars. There is two types of operator or users module one is Admin & another one is the Editor. Admin has the full access for the software & database whereas the author can only register Clients, Courses, New Admission & Apply New Licence. The Editor can only see those admission data which is registered by him only.

software Features

User / Operator Module

There is two types of users or operator. One is Admin & another one is Editor with different authorizations.

Client Management

Client can be registered without redundancy with unique Id & can be easily track records .

Course & Admission

User or operator can register courses & register to admissions to that particular courses.

Licence Application

User or operator can apply for licence for particular licence type for clients & update status acording to progress.


With dashing dashboard user will get the live update of clients, users, courses & admission after succesful login.

Integrated SMS

With Important action sms will be delivered to client to inform them the current status of their admission.

Log in Module

User Type module integrated with application software.

Fully Responsive & Secure

Builted with bootstrap technology infronted. Backended with Highly Secure Microsoft ASP.net MS SQL Platform.

It’s an online web application should be in live server to acess on network. We will make it live with domain & hosting after getting payment confirmation.

Yes it is all included.

Yes you have to renew it yearly basis.

Yes we will provide full support to install & maintainance of the software.

Yes you can. You should have install windows server & Ms SQL in your System.

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